Passion. Experience. Transparency. Scrupulousness. 

Passion drives an individual to going great lengths to ensure excellent customer service; experience ensures no rookie-level mistakes while providing value-added insights; transparency is synonymous with honesty and trust and scrupulousness is nothing more than paying attention to the finest details, be it documentation or even the tiniest bits of imperfection that escapes the untrained eye.

The attributes of a successful customer-oriented manager where success begets success; customer satisfaction begets customer satisfaction.

No, I am not saying that that person, but I strive very much to achieve it. The four words above are imprinted in my mind permanently. To me success does not equate to getting the most awards and prizes but through sincere customer appreciations. Providing quality service is more important than getting a lot of clients and disappointing many along the way. I don’t bite more than I can chew, thus with my partner, we strive hard to achieve the reach the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. Passion. Experience. Transparency. Scrupulousness. The four words that I strive to follow.

For the first thirteen years of this new decade, I was the relationship manager of a few large banks in Singapore. You can check out my LinkedIn profile given below. Maintaining high service quality and compliance while providing advisory services was part of my life. To me, professionalism is unquestionable; it is compulsory. Those were the best places and years that built my confidence and character; allowing me to excel in the field of customer relationship while improving my knowledge in the world of investing and finance.
Since 2013, I have taken my work to the next level; it become more personal where I provide in-depth and insightful advice on real estate. I have a comprehensive portfolio of Singapore properties and international new launches/projects. Through the last two decades of my professional work, I have successfully helped many locals and overseas clients invest in real estate painlessly. The key phrase is “as painless as possible”.

Be it buying as a home to stay or as an investment; be it residential, commercial or industrial; be it buying, selling or renting; be it local Singapore properties or international properties, my partner and I have the complete solution. We will assist in reliving you the pain of managing your real estate, be it buying, selling or renting; we have trusted and reliable contacts for property managers, banks, lawyers, contractors, interior designers, notaries, local authorities and others whom you might need for your real estate.

With our extensive contacts, from vendors, friends to high net-worth clients, we stand tall to assist you in search for real estate. Let us know how we can help you.